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Autumn leaves and a wonderful woodland

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The autumn equinox has brought a clear change to the seasons here in Devon. Although the days are still (mostly) bright, the sun is setting earlier and the evenings are definitely chillier.

Our mini woodland

When we first moved to Beaworthy, our garden had several very mature trees. Trees really make you think about your place in the universe. They provide a link to the people who lived here 200 years ago and who planted trees for future generations. We wanted to continue this tradition and decided to create our very own ‘woodlet’.

After identifying the location for our mini-woodland, we discussed what trees we wanted to plant. We chose native British trees. A local expert advised and guided us, identified the best sources for the trees and helped us ensure they were protected with tree guards (voles and field mice can savage the bark of young tree trunks – and we have plenty of those in Beaworthy) and recommended we used a chain fence to protect the trees from deer.

In 2015, we planted over 150 trees with 66 smaller shrubs around the edges. From alder and aspen to walnut and Devon whitebeam, in total we planted over 25 species.

Now, seven years later, it’s already looking like a ‘proper’ wood from the vantage point of the lane. Our next plan is to plant bluebells and primroses on the margins. It’s becoming a magical place.  

Woodland 2.0

Well, it turns out that planting trees can be strangely addictive. By 2020 we had identified a new location for a smaller woodland. This time, the land we wanted to populate with trees was more challenging – prone to sogginess in some areas.

Here we planted a total of 100 trees, including scarlet willow, downy birch and black poplar. 30 shrubs protect the margin of the new wood, including dogwood, blackthorn and hawthorn. Once again, we protected the young trees from natural predators.

Our visitors are welcome to wander through the young trees and imagine future generations sitting under large and shady canopies.

Come and see the Beaworthy trees!

You can check for available dates here or speak to me (Ian) on 01409 221501.