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Welcoming our spring visitors

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This year we have welcomed several new families to Beaworthy.

The first active nest this year belongs to the pied wagtails who seem to have taken over our yard and the church garden as they dash around in search of food for their chicks. We have hosted them before, and they are charming guests.

Sparrows have moved in too, but in a slightly more disruptive fashion. Taking a liking to the bird boxes that are usually occupied by blue tits, they have carried out unauthorised ‘improvements’ by expanding the entrance holes and are happily raising noisy families with no concern for any property damage they may have caused!

Most exciting of all, goldfinches have set up nest in the bay tree outside our front door. Their nest is the most exquisite thing and is currently a home to four chicks.

In the nearby lanes, we have already heard our first cuckoo of the year and seen bullfinches and thrushes dashing in and out of the hedgerows where they are raising chicks and finding food for their families.

The dawn chorus here is a soundscape like no other and it is well worth getting up extra early in the Spring to walk down the lanes to immerse yourself. It’s enjoyable even if you can’t recognise the bird by its singing (although there are apps to help you do that). This part of Devon is home to many of the less common UK birds, including the aforementioned cuckoo. The swallows have arrived, taking up residence in the Church porch and marsh tits are also nesting nearby. And if your spring-time walks take you out onto the moor you will hear the true sound of an English spring and early summer – the song of the skylark as it ascends.

Welcoming our (human) visitors

We love greeting our human visitors too, of course – those that are new to Beaworthy and those that return to us regularly. You can check availability here or phone Ian on 01409 221501 to find out more about Beaworthy Cottage.