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Devon reaches for the skies

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A spooky Devon moon (TIME magazine) has just published its 2022 list of The World’s Greatest Places.

TIME solicited nominations from its international network of contributors and the resulting list of 50 places includes some obvious choices (The Galapagos Islands and the Great Barrier Reef) along with a few more leftfield suggestions (a trip to the International Space Station, anyone?!).

It also features Devon in its top 50 list.

TIME highlights Devon’s spectacular scenery and great food and drink and who are we to argue?

Dark skies and starry nights

If you are interested in space, but can’t afford a literal out of this world trip to the International Space Station, Beaworthy and the surrounding countryside offer great opportunities for star-gazing. In 2011, Exmoor in Devon became Europe’s first International Dark Sky Reserve (land that offers an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights).

This summer (2022), the BBC reported that some lucky Devon sky-gazers had a rare sighting of the aurora borealis (Northern Lights), It’s unusual for a sighting to be made so far south in the UK and this only happens when there is a particularly strong solar flare.

Even without a sighting of the Northern Lights, there is so little light pollution in Beaworthy that it’s a great place to simply drink in and enjoy the night sky. As a very amateur astronomer, I love to spend time outside with my telescope or more often than not just a pair of binoculars enjoying the sights of the heavens, and occasionally wishing upon a shooting star. If there are clear skies in the forecast, I would be delighted to invite you to share an evening enjoying the night sky.

You will be able to spot the International Space Station easily as it flies ahead, and raise a glass or two of something local to the intrepid travellers who – for their own strange reasons – choose to travel through space rather than simply observe it from the beautiful, chart-topping land that is Devon.

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